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Blackberry music

BlackBerry® Media Sync

Enjoy your music while you’re on the go! Quickly move your favorite songs and music playlists from iTunes® on your desktop computer to your BlackBerry® smartphone with BlackBerry Media Sync.

Step 2

Connect your BlackBerry smartphone to your computer using a USB cable.

Step 3

Select the songs and playlists you would like transferred onto your device from your iTunes music library.

Once the transfer is complete, disconnect your device and listen to your favorite songs on your BlackBerry smartphone, no matter where you are!

Buying Music for your BlackBerry smartphone

Did you know you can buy music for your BlackBerry from such online music stores as iTunes and PureTracks? Purchase, download and listen to all the songs you want on your smartphone.

Step 2

After you’ve purchased your music application, download it onto your BlackBerry smartphone.

Step 3

Once the application is installed, follow the instructions to purchase the music you love.

Load up your BlackBerry smartphone with all of your favorite songs, and put some rhythm into your day!

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