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Blckberry Update

It was other that the access service not the limit for your business communication from Indosat. Supported with the network of the data (GPRS/3G) that was used in 50 operators in 30 countries, made BlackBerry® from Matrix as one of the choice the service access ordered/the e-mail in handset/your mobile phone. Got BlackBerry® from Indosat as the first operator in Indonesia that used and provided this service.
The Business Is Yours Komunikasi the business was in your grasp. With the support fitur – fitur that was supportive was full of your communication in all the activities, like: realtime the email, organizer, through to the multimedia service. BlackBerry® from Matrix, made all of your business affairs more was easy to be overcome.

Figure It with All Features Integrated Wireless Messaging Solution Layanan integrated as the solution the sending ordered/wireless the email. With the system pushmail, the e-mail was able easily to be sent and in received at that time also be proper for sent the message through the SMS.
* Browser access the world through situs–situs your favourite with the speed and the ease of access.
* M–Banking the Customer could carry out the banking transaction with used M.-Banking, like Matrix card payment and the repeated contents of the members Indosat card .
* Phone & the Easy SMS communicated with the existence of telephone relations.
* Organizer Buat all of them were more arranged. Equipped with calendar, address book, the memo pad and task, currently everything could be arranged by you well.
* Multimedia featuring special entertainment in your grasp. Chose and played music or the special presentation in each one of your trips.
* Camera & the Player Video durations immortalised each kind of torque through fitur the camera and the video player. For happy him by sending directly each picture through the email or via MMS (several types of the certain mobile phone)


  1. BlackBerry Connect on my mobile (Sony Ericsson G900) couldn't run :(

  2. This was an update I read pretty late but still very informational for me. Cool stuff.
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